Our commercial customers

  • Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten am Schluchsee -  Schluchsee. www.vjz.de
  • Sun Tara Beach Resort Kerala, Indien. www.suntarabeachresort.com
  • Hotel Mangrove Escapes - Bentota, Sri Lanka. www.mangrove-escapes.com
  • Hotel Garden BeachKosgoda, Sri Lanka. www.hotelgardenbeach.lk
  • AB Culture Musikagentur - Stuttgart. www.ab-culture.de


This is what our customers say

Working with Ms Gralla is a pleasure and highly professional. She is a real team player and a set supplier for your event since years. 

Antonia von Weichs, Public Relations Haus Fürstenberg.

The yearly shooting is a highlight for our family. All family members are looking forward to this special day as Ms Gralla is making it a real event for us and the kids. She is so talented! My son is starting to act as a model as Ms Gralla is motivating him in a special way. Her talent to catch the feelings in the faces of our kids goes directly into the heart.

Christiane Wallis, Lawyer

You make the wold shine with your pictures!

Carola Fink, Journalist

A shooting with Ms Gralla is like a form of psychotherapy. She brings the best out of people.

 Customer of Business Portraits



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