You want to make your personality more visible? You want to successfully apply for a new position? Or do you target to present your company and your staff even more professionally? We do produce high end business portraits of you and your staff. Our target is not a "fast shooting". We work together with you to present your strenghs and advice you on outfit, posting and locations.




  • A shooting lasts about 1.5 hours. Costs are Euro 329.-
  • Before the shooting we will discuss expections, usage of pictures, outfits and basics of posing. So please plan about 2 hours for the shooting.
  • The shooting will take place in our studio in Stuttgart-West. Very ofter, if the purpuse of pictures and your style allows, we will do addtional shots in our refurbished industrial building. 
  • You can select 5 PICTURES with full retouching from a picture gallery.
  • You will be granted full international usage rights for the pictures you have chosen.


If you want to purchase additional pictures from the shooting, you have can choose between the following options:

Package EXTRA 5 - Choose your 5 favorite pictures:  Euro 59,-

Package EXTRA 15 - Choose your 15 favorite pictures: Euro 149,-

Package EXTRA 25 - Choose your 25 favorite pictures: Euro 229,-

Package EXTRA 40 - Choose your 40 favorite pictures: Euro 339,-


How can you prepare yourself for the shooting?

  • Get your suitcase ready and bring different outfits in the range from smart casual to business formal We will jointly choose the best outfits for you on location!
  • Style your hair and hands/nails already at home!
  • Do a basic make-up!
  • Choose your favorite asseccories and bring them to the shooting!